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Our #1 Best Selling Wireless Dog Fence


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Afavv Wireless Fence & Collar, 2 Afavv Wireless Fence & Collar, 3 Afavv Wireless Fence & Collar

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We bought this system a few weeks ago. And bought an extra collar since we have 2 dogs. So far it is working good for my 8lb Yorkie. It is a little off at times. As in.. he can pass the area a tad before it works. But overall way better than using a long leash.


The collar works good but do not leave on your dog in the house and if you move the base take collar off your dog before I shocked the crap out of my dog by accident because when I unplugged the base the collar went crazy and it lets off a pretty good shock my dog is terrified of it


We have a 100lb Bernese Mountain dog puppy and this has helped us allow her to outside (in town) without worrying about her chasing a bird off of our property. She is too friendly and wants to great everyone but she is big and intimidating to those who don’t know how soft she is ;) I wish we would’ve bought this sooner.


There is some training you have to do with the dog, you can't just put the collar on and send them in the yard. I was worried the training would turn into a chore but once I started it went really well to my surprise. Probably a total of an hour and half of work spread out over about 10 days and it works like a charm. That was in September. We're at the point now where we've even accidentally let him out without the collar and he still doesn't go past the invisible fence even with people and dog...


I recommend this product to anyone that has a dog. I have 4 hunting dogs and ever since I got the collars they have stayed right in their boundries. Worth every penny!

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